It turns out, it isn't so easy visualizing a game, which has no graphics in a traditional sense. I am slowly coming up with some ideas, how to bring the world closer to the player and produced a visual concept.

As I had initially planned the UI much more modular, I am still working on a new internal API which will be much less modular, but more convenient to manipulate via JavaScript.

The protocol for exchanging data between UI and back end is also still very much a work in progress. Unfortunately there is no easy way of just replicating the functions available in the back end as the structure of UI and back end are very, very different as the back end's structure is heavily influenced by the requirements parallel processing brings, while the front end does not need to deal with this at all.

The last weeks I also have been fighting with my motivation. I put quite a lot of work in the game, which still looks like almost nothing. While I know that most of the work went into research and preparation, emotionally it still isn't the most motivating thing to see so little progress. And with less motivation there is even less progress.

Well, things will get better again. And if I ever happen to make a second game, I will use Unity and iterate on an existing game concept, like every sane person would do.


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