No release today. Currently I am implementing a whole set of rudimentary game mechanics, but they are not visualized for the user yet. I am estimating that over the next month the prototype will transform slowly in a basic, but functional game. And from that point on it is "just" adding more stuff and fixing everything that is already there.

  • I tested a system where there is a limited amount of souls in the world to limit population growth. When one dies the soul is distributed randomly on the globe and to be born the island must be on the tile where a soul is. Shortly after I scrapped the idea as it was forcing the islands to permanent movement and was not really intuitive. And there are enough other mechanisms in place, which encourage island movement.
  • Humans are now simulated again. And in a way I don't totally hate. They grow up. Find love. Have children. They work, eat or starve. And if they are lucky they manage to die of old age.
  • There are now fields which require work and light to grow food. So if you keep your island to long in the darkness everyone will starve.

For next week I plan to add the following mechanics:

  • Wood: To construct buildings, wood is needed. This grows only only when it is dark. So you have to decide if you want to grow food or wood.
  • The island life cycle: New islands emerge. Old ones vanish. Islands can be colonized if the player has enough resources.
  • Trade: One should be able to ship goods between islands.
  • Communication: Islands need to communicate with each other. Currently I am favouring a broadcasting system where every island gets every message, all messages are simple strings and the recipient does know how strong the signal was and from what direction it came, but not its sender. So smart players can "hack" islands of other players and encryption becomes a factor.

The weeks after I want to focus on making things stable and usable and adding nodes for mathematics, logic, collection and string processing.

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