No release today.

The last weeks I have spend less time writing code and thinking more about the world, the character simulation and the game in general. I think the main issue I have currently with the game (and myself), is that I want too much and everything at the same time.

So I decided on some compromises:

Very reluctantly I removed the support for a custom UI which can be managed by the knit programming language. If there is sufficient interest in UI customization in the future, I will create a nice JavaScript API. I really, really wanted to make this feature possible, but the work required to get this right is not doable if I want to actually write a game some day.

I am currently adjusting the knit compiler to the changes, this decision and the use of Akka, a framework for distributed computations, brought: I'm removing volatile data types and automatic change propagation as they are not necessary anymore. I also plan to decouple the structure analysis level completely from the execution level to support multi threading better. All this should result in an improved performance and simpler API.

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