Had more fun with the 3D engine.

A lot of concept for the actual simulation of the world and environment. At the point when I was thinking about four dimensional suns, I realized that I needed a simpler approach:

There will be a gas planet. On this planet there will be floating islands. They have a life cycle - meaning new islands will form and old ones age and disintegrate.

With this mechanism, expansion is a necessity. At the same time I hope to combat blobbing. I find the endgame in a lot of grand strategy games boring as countries get just huge and no one can oppose them at a certain point. Well, it will take some time to figure out if this idea really helps in this regard.

Maneuvering of the islands will play a role as the position of the island influences its climate. Positioning for combat and altitude may be relevant, though I want to keep navigation in general pretty straight forward as the player might want to automate it.


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