2017.05.12 Mainly HTTP Server Stuff

  • Bug: While the transportation layer between ui and server got better, the data exchange is still squirly. If there are no nodes visible in the ui after start, just reload the browser.
  • Various Bugfixes :)
  • Slightly different logo. Added a favicon.
  • There is now a splash screen, when the ui is loading. The ui also now notifies the player when the connection to the game is lost or the game terminated.
  • Various HTTP server structure, stability and performance improvements. Messages between ui and game are now compressed if accessed from an other computer.
  • Knit deals now with cyclic connections correctly. They can either be disabled or are executed step by step instead of going into an infinite loop.
  • The execution order of nodes is now cached for performance reason until there is a change in it.


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Version 2017.05.12 May 12, 2017

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