Slowly but surely getting to the game parts. Yay!

  • Started thinking seriously about the world I'm trying to simulate. The physics behind and the creatures in it. Following up on the idea of last week to create a dynamic world, reign will play on tens or hundreds of floating islands.
  • The multi threading model was developed with a static world in mind. As the complexity grows with a dynamic one, I'm switching from simple Java threads to Akka Actors. I experimented with them in the very beginning of the development, but drifted away from them as I was favoring a functional approach to the game logic (which didn't work out). Now I'm back with Akka and favouring a fat actor approach - so relatively few, and complex actors.
  • The custom HTTP server is also replaced by Akka HTTP. Their WebSocket implementation does not support per frame compression and ping pong frames, but it is tested far better than my own implementation.
  • Currently I'm angsting about the simulation of humans. I want the player to have the feeling to actually rule about persons and not just some numbers in a table. Detailed models are too performance hungry. So the challenge is to come up with a simple model, which still feels good ...


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