2017.05.03 Haha ha ... ha

  • Emergency hotfix. I found out just now by coincidence, that in all released builds so far the UI works only on my computer and throws on any other computer a "500 Internal Server Error". Over 100 downloads and no one complains? Come on haters, where are you when you need them :-D
  • Knit nodes can now be resized in the editor. Various editor improvements.
  • Major changes in handling keyboard and mouse events.
  • Major overhaul of the own Rx code.
  • Context menu. Hold the right mouse button or press Space.
  • Key bindings: Ctrl now consistenly snaps elements to the grid. Nodes and connections can be removed by hovering the mouse and pressing D - or by using the context menu. Connectors can be moved by holding S and moving the mouse.

As the Devlog is a new feature on itch.io, here also the older release notes:


  • Some unit tests.
  • Spent quite some time thinking through and experimenting with the creature simulation, resulting in a currently even more broken system.
  • Draft for custom statistics.
  • Shortened the necessary boilerplate code for creating new knit nodes considerably.
  • Draft for callbacks, generic kinds and custom, JSON like objects for knit. Editor support is missing, so you don't see much of it.

2017.04.21 With new broken things, now!

  • When the default port is occupied, reign now searches a free one instead of crashing.
  • Experiments with a custom logging API on the JVM side as MDC of SLF4J and thread pools requires some hacks if being used in combination with Monix and a custom logging API is needed anyway for the JS side.
  • Rewrote game logic in object oriented style. A purely functional approach appears to produce unecessarily complicated code and tons of hash map look ups. The advantages of easy serialization and beautiful multi-threading seem not worth the difficulties of modifying values and keeping object identity, even with custom lenses. Yet, I lack the enlightenment as a functional programmer.
  • First draft for a genetic model, simulated organs and behaviors of creatures. As well as the concept of property.
  • Worked due to vacation only 2.5 days on reign. Next update will be a little more substantial and a little more unit tested.

2017.04.01 Initial Release.


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