I spent this week continuing the work from last week - connecting the UI with the Knit scripting language. As I'm reworking basically any element of the UI there is currently even less to see than the last release, so I won't publish a release today.

  • The UI allows now to control the containers, which wrap the widgets.
  • Removed context menu and tooltips and started to replace it with a context sensitive terminal. Currently the action and shortcut model is not yet integrated with Knit and will require quite some thought.
  • Started working on a new node editor. The old one looked very clean, but it needs to display more information which are relevant, like the kinds of the connectors. Source nodes should be unnecessary in most cases with the new editor as they clutter the graphs.
  • Started working on a more abstract data exchange protocol between backend and UI. The websockets transport the data well, but there will be more organization necessary to handle efficient distribution for multiple monitors and multiplayer. This also requires still likely more thought than programming.

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