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You like real time strategy and management games? Have you ever been angry, how stupid your subjects behave? Surely you can do it better. - Currently this is only a prototype to test out the technology. Do not expect any gameplay.

reign is a fantasy country simulation, which allows you to write the AI for your subjects to an extent where the game plays itself. You are bad at programming, but good at strategy games? Worry not: reign comes with an AI, that lets you play it like any other good old strategy game. You just won't feel as smart.

The concept of the game has changed recently considerably. Some of the changes and the motivations behind you can find in the Devlog.


Please be aware that most of the features listed below are not yet implemented. I am a single developer and from time to time I have to earn money with other projects, so progress is slow.

use any programming language of your choosing
reign provides libraries for Scala and Java as well as JavaScript. You have a different favorite language? Simply create a WebSocket connection to the game and communicate via Protocol Buffers or JSON.

simple, distraction free visuals
I do not have the skills to create beautiful 2D and 3D graphics, so I'm focusing on making it simple, clear and free of distractions.

multi monitor support
reign's UI runs in any modern web browser. Having it opened on several windows across several screens is no problem. The screens don't even need to be connected to the same computer.

compete against the AIs of other players
You will be able to publish your AIs and download AIs from other players. Which will keep games hopefully more interesting in the long term as the behavior of your computer opponents is much less predictable.

There will be a multiplayer and it is high on the priority list. My goal is to support stable sessions with a few hundred players. Whether I can achieve this, I am currently not sure. But I'm doing a lot to give it a good chance:

true multi threaded game logic
Most games run their game logic on a single thread, because everything else is very, very hard. For complex simulations this can lead to performance problems in the late game. reign's game architecture is designed scale to as many threads as your computer can offer.

run the game on multiple computers
For very large maps or very large multiplayer games, a single computer might be too slow. reign's engine can be run on a cluster.

Install instructions

  • You need Java 8 installed on your machine.
  • Unzip, then launch reign.bat for Windows or reign.sh for other operating systems.
  • The user interface runs in a normal browser by calling In theory any modern browser will work. In practice only Firefox is currently tested.


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