A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


fantasy country simulator 2017

  • Control the fates of a procedurally country by writing laws with a graphic scripting language.
  • This is rather a prototype for the engine behind the game, than the game itself. Don't expect any gameplay, yet.
  • reign is being developed actively. The next version is scheduled to be released on Friday, April the 28th.

Change & Development Log

2017.04.21 With new broken things, now!

  • When the default port is occupied, reign now searches a free one instead of crashing.
  • Experiments with a custom logging API on the JVM side as MDC of SLF4J and thread pools requires some hacks if being used in combination with Monix and a custom logging API is needed anyway for the JS side.
  • Rewrote game logic in object oriented style. A purely functional approach appears to produce unecessarily complicated code and tons of hash map look ups. The advantages of easy serialization and beautiful multi-threading seem not worth the difficulties of modifying values and keeping object identity, even with custom lenses. Yet, I lack the enlightenment as a functional programmer.
  • First draft for a genetic model, simulated organs and behaviors of creatures. As well as the concept of property.
  • Worked due to vacation only 2.5 days on reign. Next update will be a little more substantial and a little more unit tested.

2017.04.01 Initial Release.

Install instructions

  • You need Java 8 installed on your machine.
  • Unzip, then launch reign.bat for Windows or reign.sh for other operating systems.
  • The user interface runs in a normal browser by calling In theory any modern browser will work. In practice only Firefox is currently tested. The interface supports parallel access from serveral browser windows simultaneously.
  • When editing nodes, try also the Shift, Ctrl and Alt key, while clicking. Deleting various elements and moving connectors are currently assigned to them. The controls do not have much consistency at the moment.


reign (22 MB)