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Control the fates of a procedurally generated country by writing laws with a graphic scripting language. Currently this is a prototype for the engine of the game, not the game itself - do not expect any gameplay yet

In reign you play as a ruler. Like every good ruler, you don't get your hands dirty by yourself - you just make the rules. But they are absolute. Your tool for this is a graphic scripting language, called Knit.

While Knit is technically a programming language, I am working very hard to make it accessible for people with no programming experience. That is also the reason, why it is graphic: There is no cryptic code you will have to write. There is nothing you can break. I don't want this game to be just for programmers. I want it to be for everyone, who likes to tinker.

How do I play? You don't. There is nothing to play yet. You can click around in the prototype. If you look in the devlogs, you will find between the gibberish some notes if some shortcuts change.

Why is there so little? Most games are developed on a game engine. A game engine does a lot of boring background work for the developers, so that they can focus on actually making a good game.

For the game I want to make, there isn't really an engine, which can help me much, as most of the engines focus on 3D or 2D graphics and I don't need either. So I am making a custom engine and not just a game. Which means that I have to do the stuff normally others do for you, myself. And that takes time. A lot of time.

Why do you release so early? I have no experience with game marketing and want to have more time to learn it and try out different things. Beside I feel more motivated if I see a few downloads.

When will there be more? I release an update usually once a week on Friday evening - European time. If you actually want to play something, drop by again in July. Maybe?

Install instructions

  • You need Java 8 installed on your machine.
  • Unzip, then launch reign.bat for Windows or reign.sh for other operating systems.
  • The user interface runs in a normal browser by calling In theory any modern browser will work. In practice only Firefox is currently tested. The interface supports parallel access from serveral browser windows simultaneously.


reign (32 MB)

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